Market Research and Market Planning

We provide clients with market research and market planning on a variety of product areas to help make informed decisions on where to market and how to best achieve results. We conduct industry market research, focus groups, e-surveys and use industry contacts to help verify and validate our findings on pricing, products, form and segments. Based on sound data and market trends we develop a plan for marketing products and services.  We also complete reviews of competitive products and have worked in domestic and international markets. Where necessary we examine the role and implications of Regional Agreements on the business.

With sound market research, understanding the trends and competition one can create a viable and sound market plan to expand the product sales and business health. Positioning your key message to the target market is critical in a global economy. We are also noticing a trend to higher and integrated use of e-commerce marketing approaches and we can develop and manage websites, content and marketing approaches for you.

We also can facilitate industry and organizational groups to meet clients’ needs in receiving and obtaining feedback on key issues through focus groups, surveys and group processes


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