Farm Business Advisory Services

The AgriBusDev provides agricultural and farm business related consultancy services to individual farmers, companies, organizations, including cooperatives and community-based projects.

We base our services on our own experience of owning and operating farm businesses and the expertise of associate consultants retired from or currently running commercial farming enterprises. We have the insider’s insights into commercial farming and knowledge of the agriculture industry!

The company employs a core of full-time Agricultural Consultants and can bringing in various technical experts: Agronomists, Livestock specialists, Veterinarian, Soil Analysis services, Irrigation specialist, Agro-chemical services, Accountant, etc. on a project-by-project basis as per client’s needs.,

These are our services:

  • Objective farm planning — We develop enterprise and whole farm production plans based on in-depth technical feasibility assessment, comprehensive enterprise, whole-farm and cash-flow  budgeting providing the farmer with a decision-making tool and guide for enterprise selection, financing arrangements, resource allocation and production management.
  • Improve employee productivity — We design job descriptions, employee handbooks, performance measures, incentive plans, and perform other services to help farmers retain valuable employees and improve worker productivity.
  • Enterprise analysis — We undertake enterprise analysis that pinpoints opportunities to improve efficiency and profitability of crop and livestock enterprises;
  • Whole-farm financial analysis —  We analyse and interpret farm business performance: Liquidity, Profitability, & Solvency measures and summaries of financial ratios for the farm business giving a picture of the where the farm business is headed;
  • Develop sound business plans — We conduct objective enterprise analysis, pinpointing opportunities to improve operating efficiency and farm profitability. This independent, outside perspective can be invaluable.
  • Evaluate feasibility of new ventures and expansion — We develop realistic cash-flow profitability projections. If the venture will require support from a lender or investor, this independent assessment can provide valuable support and documentation.
  • External Board Advisory Services — On request we offer outsider’s view and advice on the farm business, just as external directors do for major companies.

Our motto ‘leaving you free to farm’ summarises our role with farmers. We handle many of the business, compliance and paperwork issues surrounding modern farming, allowing the farmer to concentrate on his or her actual farm.


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