Agricultural Economic Research and Analysis

The organization provides economic impact analysis, company lists, market research and industry reports and comparative advantage analysis.

We focus on collecting, collating and analyzing information and data to systematically and logically assist diverse entities in their decision making process.

We work on creating business intelligence solutions from the vast ocean of information for our clients.

With our contacts, resources, experience, expertise and pro-active attitude, we offer practical and easily applicable solutions keeping in mind your business process and situation silo to extract the very best of the opportunities available.

We have successfully executed over 100 research projects for reputed organizations in agribusiness, agricultural development. Our clients include NGO, development agencies, private sector and government.

AgriBusDev undertakes study and research projects in areas as diverse as consumer research, media research, financial research, B2B research, opinion and policy research and provide web internet based solutions that includes :

» Value-chain Research and Analysis
» Quantitative and Qualitative Research
» International Market Research
» Data Processing and Data Analysis Services


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