Key Personnel

Godfrey Mudimu
Founder & Managing Consultant
  • Graduate of Michigan State University with a major in Agricultural Production Economics and Farm Management and minor in Natural Resource Economics
  • 20 years university teaching and research in farm business management, natural/environmental economics,  research methods in agricultural economics
  • Former Chairman & Senior Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Economics Extension, University of Zimbabwe;
  • Former Farm Management Specialist, Department of Agriculture, Technical and Extension Services, Ministry of Agriculture, Zimbabwe where he established farm record keeping services for small-scale commercial farmers.
  • Former Board Member of Environmental Management Authority
  • Former Chairman of Board of Trustees, Wensleydale Farmer Training Centre
  • Founder and Board Member of Zimbabwe Farmers’ Development
  • Executive Director Natural Food Processors,
  • Co-edited five books in food security, policy and smallholder development
  • Short-term consulting assignment for World Bank, FAO, IFAD, IDRC, DFID-projects, World Vision, Christian Care, Swedish Cooperative Centre,
  • Key expertise: Value chain analysis, Value chain project development & facilitation, farm business planning and analysis;
  • Commercial farm operator
  • Member, International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IAMA)
  • Member, International Association of Agricultural Economist (IAAE)
  • Member, Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa; (AEASA)

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