About Us

AgriBusiness Development & Support Services (AgriBusinessDev) is  an agribusiness investment and consulting firm established in response to growing opportunities in Zimbabwe’s agribusiness. It invests and facilitates investments in agriculture-based businesses at primary, processing, marketing and trade levels within and outside Zimbabwe.

The company also provides consulting services focused at developing and strengthening agricultural producers to access markets and enhance their participation and ownership of commodity value chains so as to maximize their income and asset building.

Services provided range from hands-on technical advice for: crop and livestock production, farm business management, business planning; strategy formulation; commodity value chain development;   agribusiness project facilitation and management; human resource and institutional capacity building; and agribusiness research and economic analysis.

Our clients are individual farm owners, farm managers, farmers’ organizations, rural communities engaged in agricultural production as well as private sector, NGOs, local and national government entities funding and supporting agricultural production and agribusiness projects.

AgriBusDev has a team of agricultural and agribusiness professionals whose career experience spurns over 50 years in public, non-government, corporate and academic business environments in key markets in Southern Africa. The teams’ hands-on and vast professional experience in the food and agriculture, agribusiness service sectors affords a depth of understanding of the complex issues and challenges facing the small-scale and large-scale agricultural producers, agribusinesses and organizations servicing the agricultural sectors. We are well disposed to work with our clients to provide solutions that work in addressing their needs in the short-term without trial and error.

Our Comparative Advantage for you:

  • Experience — from both personal and other farm situations — practical knowledge of farming and the business of farming
  •  Objectivity — the view from the outside helps provide a more clear perspective to evolve a better plan
  •  Independence — we do not have a product to sell — just our time; so our comments and recommendations may be more objectives
  • Provide a listening post for confidential interviews held separately with those on the farm — owners, family members, and employees
  • Provide impartial challenges, ideas, alternatives, and recommendations
  • Ability to see and emphasize total picture.
  • Willingness to work with other professionals who work with you.
  • Be a facilitator to keep the process on schedule while you continue your day-to-day responsibilities with the farm operation.
  • More reasonable cost …     a really wise investment

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